Drinking, Drinking, and More Drinking

I thought it wasn’t true. There was no way that anyone could handle so much consumption so often. But all the rumors about the excessive, alcoholic-level drinking are nothing short of the truth. Szimpla and Instant have become my homes at night, and the drinking festivities never seem to end. The good thing is that I’ve gotten to know and spend time with many amazing people since my arrival, and every night seems to be special in its own, drunken way.

I’m currently living in a 3-bedroom flat that could honestly fit 3-4 more people with some room to spare. We’re located in the heart of Oktogon, one of the most popular districts in the city center. Our flat can’t be in a better place, strategically located near all the popular ruin pubs and bars that Budapest has to offer. One of my flatmates is a fellow trojan by the name of Alex, and he’s quite a chiller. The other is a Frenchie also by the name of Alex, and the dude is hilarious. Being smushed between two Alex’s, I’d like to say that I’m the nice, wholesome filling that provides the flavor in our flat.

The first week of class was extremely laid-back, and my classes seem at the very least interesting and easy. Currently, I’ve enrolled in: Tourism Management & Marketing, Risk Management, Business Games, Business Intelligence, and Services Marketing. Risk Management, Business Games, and Business Intelligence are the most interesting to me, as they are the most applicable to my professional career. Otherwise, Corvinus has several beautiful buildings next to the Danube that’s worth checking out. I’m also taking these courses with the friends I’ve made here, so I can always count on them to act as my alarm clock when needed.

Well, that’s that! I have to go get ready for Ciprien’s Moustache Party. Where’s my sharpie…