25 Random Facts About Budapest

After surviving in this Eastern European “Sin City” for the past 2 months, I have come up with 25 random facts about Budapest that a travel guide would definitely refrain from telling you. If you’re ever here with friends, family, or just yourself, feel free to refer to these survival tips.

1. Szia(see ya) means hello and good bye

2. Public transportation is impressively set up, but buses are always late

3. The ruin pubs are infamous for having paintings and pictures of animals having sex. I’m all for equality but this can come off to most as a bit strange

4. Everyone’s name is Lazslo, Gabor, or both

5. Gypies are an actual threat to your wallets, phones, and moneyz

6. Clubbing doesn’t end at 2, it starts at 2

7. Noone eats peanut butter here! Are you fucking kidding me!!

8. Many parts of Budapest’s city center possess a profound architectural juxtaposition between classical buildings and modern advances in the field

9. Tempelfit is for gays

10. Walking in front of a car, bus or tram? No problem, they’ll just run you over

11. Most Hungarians under the age of 40 speak English; otherwise, good luck getting home

12. Or just go to Deák Ferenc Ter; we’re all too familiar with this central meeting point

13. The metro stations are the most delicious-smelling stations I’ve ever been in

14. Apparently, working for Hooters Budapest is a highly regarded occupation… And I can see why 😉

15. Wanna passionately french kiss your lover, spouse or random stranger? No problem, just do it right where you’re standing!

16. Cars typically park one wheel onto the curb… Goodbye suspensions

17. Elevators in the metro stations are long and almost completely vertical… That’s what she said

18. Don’t have a bus pass? No problem, just walk in that shit anyway!

19. Budapest is shaped like half of a bike wheel, with the main streets looking like the spokes

20. For decimals, a comma is used in place of a period

21. It’s common to say “szia/sziasztok” when entering and leaving a locker room

22. Lose electricity, internet, and utilities in your flat? Don’t count on getting it fixed soon since customer service is virtually non-existent

23. Leves has the best soup/sandwich combo I’ve ever encountered. 990Ft will definitely get you enough foods in yo belly

24. The creators of Microsoft Office, ballpoint pen, and Prezi are Hungarian

25. By Lonely Planet 2011 Rankings, a38 is the #1 bar in the world (it’s on a fucking boat!)

Well there you have it, folks. 25 random facts about Budapest comin’ from ya boy Jason. I’m here for another 3 months, so there’ll definitely be more things I uncover about this city. Until then, ciao!

f**king beach party

f**king beach party