The Most Insane 2 Weeks

I can’t even capture (or remember) all the things I’ve done so far in Budapest. To start, I’ve been living in the Marco Polo Hostel for way too long, almost hitting two weeks. My flatmates and I struggled with about every obstacle possible in searching for a flat, but in the end we’ve settled on an amazing 2-story apartment that we are tentatively dubbing “The Penthouse Palace.” I’ll post pictures of it later.

This is nothing new, but I completely underestimated the amount of drinking that occurs in this country (or continent for that matter). I’ve consumed high levels of alcohol 10/12 of the nights I’ve been here, including going to ruin pubs, hostel parties, dance clubs, and the like. Though my liver tells me to stray away from another night of complete alcoholic slaughtering, I’ve met so many great people so far from countries around the world, including: German, French, Brazilian, Dutch, Russian, Austrian, Italian, Croatian, Greek, Polish, English, Singaporean, and Japanese.

Gyming has been a bit difficult for me, but I found a small basement gym called “Astoria Fitness” right next to my hostel. I’ve been 5 times, some with other people, and it’s been helping me keep off too much fat. But otherwise, I plan on looking into a gym later today once I move into my flat. Gotta start pumpin’ iron again!

Even though I’ve only been in Budapest for 2 weeks, it feels like months. I can’t fathom what living here for 5 months is going to be like. Once I get more time, I’ll post pictures and videos of Budapest!Image